NOTE: this is the basic part of a 4-day course at SURFsara. If you wish to attend the full course, you should also register for the advanced part separately. Please check here the advanced part.


This 2-day basic course is focused on providing an introduction to parallel programming using the most widely used approaches: Message Passing Interface (MPI) and Open Multi-Processing (OpenMP). You will start exploring the benefits (and limitations) of parallel programming, and then you will explore the possibilities that task and data parallelism offer to develop multi-core and multi-node programs. Each session includes hands-on exercises to facilitate the understanding of the different constructs.


As a participant, you have already some familiarity with C or Fortran programming, and in these two days you will be able to start the development of your own parallel application. Moreover, right after this short course you will have the opportunity to continue exploring advanced topics on parallel programming and everyday use of MPI/OpenMP. For this you'll need to register for the advanced course too.

Science Park 140,1098 XG Amsterdam

Please bring your own laptop (with an ssh client installed) for the hands-on sessions!

Please remember to bring a description (or code) of your own parallelization problem if you wish to get specific assistance on the last day.

Requirements: being familiar with

* Bash commands

* C/C++ or Fortran programming language


To travel with public transport in the Netherlands, it is very convenient if you have an anonymous OV-chipkaart. Please find the detailed information at

Information on how to reach SURFsara (SURF Amsterdam) can be found at