NOTE: this is the advanced part of a 4-day course at SURFsara. If you wish to attend the full course, you should also register for the basic part separately. Please check here the basic part.


This 2-day advanced course describes different everyday challenges that developers of parallel code have to face in everyday work, and provides working solutions for them. Here you will see how to deal with parallel profiling and explore the knobs and dials that make your code exploit the best possible performance, just like domain decomposition techniques and parallel I/O. Each of these sessions includes hands-on exercises to facilitate the understanding of the different constructs. Moreover, you will also obtain some insight on useful parallel libraries and routines for scientific code development, like ParMETIS and PETSc.


As a participant for these two days, you already have basic knowledge on parallel programming with MPI and OpenMP using the C or Fortran programming languages, which are covered in our basic course. If you are not very familiar with these basic concepts, please register for the basic course and then you can also register for this advanced part!

Science Park 140,1098 XG Amsterdam

Please bring your own laptop (with an ssh client installed) for the hands-on sessions!

Requirements: being familiar with

* C/C++ or Fortran programming language

* Basic concepts of MPI and OpenMP


To travel with public transport in the Netherlands, it is very convenient if you have an anonymous OV-chipkaart. Please find the detailed information at

Information on how to reach SURFsara (SURF Amsterdam) can be found at