[NOTE: this course consists of 3 half-day online sessions spread over a period of 2 weeks. Please read the details below.]


In this course you will learn the basics of the Python API in Blender. You will learn how the API is structured and eventually start making some simple geometry with code. Another important part of the course is that you will work on a visualisation based on your own research or other endeavours.

Course duration

The course will consist of 3 half-day online sessions spread over the indicated two-week period, beginning with an introductory webinar and two follow-up feedback sessions. During the course period you may work on the assignments at your own pace. We provide a communication channel with the course teachers that you can use for questions and feedback during the course. There are also several webinars were we discuss your projects and make sure you are able to make progress. Part of the course material, like our YouTube videos and tutorials, is available outside the course timetable.

Your own project and data

To get the most out of the course we would like you to take a dataset from your work that you want to use for visualisation with Blender. This course will give you the skills to start on your own project. During the interactive moments (webinars and chat channel) our visualisation team will help you further with your specific project and challenges. So please collect some data you think would be great to make a 3D visualisation of. During the webinars we will expect input from you also. We would like you to present your visualisation goals, your data and your first try at making a visualisation with Blender.

This course is a pilot

Due to the Covid-19 situation we have decided to start an online course, as alternative to our regular on-site courses. This course module is intentionally small because we want to test how and see if we can effectively use online tools for our training programs, especially for a hands-on topic like using Blender. We hope that you are open to giving us feedback on the setup and execution of this course. The next parts of the course will be improved based on your input.

All the contents and more detailed information

Please visit the main web page of this course in the GitHub page of SURFsara:




  • Basic knowledge of Blender: getting around the interface, making and adding geometry, some basics on materials
  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • An idea and/or some data for your own project to work on during the course.

Required course setup:

  • Computer with Blender 2.83 LTS installed
  • Account with Discord to join the chat and webinar server