Would you like to exploit the newest GPUs architectures and get unbeatable performance with your code?

With our portability course you will have a unique opportunity to get a complete overview of the current GPU landscape. The talks and lectures with experts from SURF, the Netherlands and the United States will guide through the different options that you have to exploit the performance of your code using GPUs. You will also have the opportunity to test your new skills during the hands-on exercises on the supercomputing facilities at SURF. Make sure that you don't miss this great chance to learn what GPUs can do for your code!


In this course you will:

- Explore the possibilities of optimization for your code on CPUs vs. GPUs

- Implement directives to enable your code for GPUs using OpenACC and OpenMP

- Understand how to implement efficient code structures for GPUs using HIP

- Learn about GPU architectures and exascale-enabled codes from world-class experts


- Everyone interested in learning how to enhance the efficiency of codes using GPUs, starting from the beginning


- Basic knowledge of Linux

- Basic knowledge of programming, particularly with C/C++ or Fortran

- Basic knowledge on parallel computing. No specific experience with supercomputing systems is necessary.

You should have:

- Your own laptop with an up-to-date browser and a terminal emulator. The use of the operating systems Linux and macOS is preferred, but not mandatory. For Windows users we recommend to download MobaXterm (portable version) as terminal emulator.



If the course gets fully booked, no more registrations are accepted through this website. However, you can be included in the waiting list: for that, please send an email to training-research@surf.nl and you'll be informed when a place becomes available.


Level of course materials

  • 20% Basic
  • 30% Intermediate
  • 50% Advanced
There is an open survey.