June 29, 2021 to July 2, 2021
CET timezone


Project #, Site, Project name, participants

2101 BSC
Analysis of data management policies in HPC architectures - Regina Mumbi Gachomba, Aneta Ivaničová

2102 BSC
Computational atomic-scale modelling of materials for fusion reactors - Eoin Kearney, Paolo Settembri

2103 BSC
Precision based differential checkpointing for HPC applications - Kevser İLDEŞ, Athanasios Kastoras

2104 BSC
Building Resilient Machine Learning Applications (From HPC to Edge) - Mehmet Enes Erciyes, Jakub Raczyński

2105 BSC
Cross-Lingual Transfer learning for biomedical texts - Aslihan Uysal, Lazaros Zervos

2106 BSC
Improvement of a python package to provide multiple standardized interpolation methods for atmospheric chemistry models - Daniel Cortild, Brian O'Sullivan

2107 CC SAS
Neural networks in quantum chemistry - Scott le Roux, Joseph Sleiman

2108 CC SAS
Efficient Fock matrix construction in localized Hartree-Fock method - Ioannis Savvidis, Eduárd Zsurka

2109 CERN
Benchmarking HEP workloads on HPC facilities – Miguel de Oliveira Guerreiro, María Menéndez Herrero

2110 CERN
High Throughput HEP Data Processing at HPC - Carlos Eduardo Cocha Toapaxi, Andraž Filipčič

Automated Classification for Mapping submarine structures by Artificial Intelligence strategies - Mario Udo Gaimann, Raska Soemantoro

Combining Big-data, AI and 3D visualization for datacentre optimization - David Mulero Pérez, Sepideh Shamsizadeh

2113 EPCC
Investigating Scalability and Performance of MPAS Atmosphere Model -Jonas Alexander Eschenfelder, Carla Nicolin Schoder

2114 EPCC
Re-engineering and optimizing Software for the discovery of gene sets related to disease - İrem Okur, Aybüke Özçelik

2115 EPCC
Performance of Parallel Python Programs on ARCHER2 – Alejandro Dinkelberg, Jiahua Zhao

2116 ICHEC
Parallel anytime branch and bound algorithm for finding the treewidth of graphs – Oliver Legg, Valentin Trophime

2117 ICHEC
Parallelizing Earth Observation Workflow – Niels Hvidberg, Rabia Özdoğan

2118 IT4I
Molecular Dynamics on Quantum Computers – Carola Ciarameletti, Jenay Patel

2119 IT4I
Quantum algorithms and their applications – Lucia Absalom Bautista, Spyridon-Andreas Siskos

2120 JSC
High Performance Quantum Fields – Thomas Marin, Marc Túnica Rosich

2121 JSC
Tiny, tiny, tasks! Huge Impact? – Arthur Guillec, Tristan Michel

2122 LPP
Numerical simulation of Boltzmann-Nordheim equation – David Knapp, Artem Mavilutov

2123 MdlS
Parallel radiative heat exchange solver for analyzing samples from the OSIRIS-REx space exploration mission – Cormac McKinstry, Venkata Mukund Kashyap Yedunuthala

2124 Hartree
Hybrid AI Enhanced Monte Carlo Methods for Matrix Computation on Advanced Architectures - Iakov Kharitonov, Adrian Lundell

2125 Hartree
Scaling HMC on large multi-CPU and/or multi-GPGPUs architectures - Tiziano Barbari, Morten Holm

2126 SURF
Benchmarking Scientific Software for Computational Chemistry in the Dutch National Supercomputer - Sahin Can Alpaslan, Milana Mirkovic

2127 SURF
Maximising data processing efficiency in the cloud, with a twist for Research Data Management – Maria Li López Bautista, João Quintiliano Sério Guerreiro

2128 UL
S-gear geometry generation and optimisation algorithm based on transient finite element mechanical/contact analyses – Ceren Tamkoç, Bartu Yaman

2129 UL
Big data management for better electricity consumption prediction – Irem Dundar, Omar Patricio Perez Znakar

2130 ULux
Designing Scientific Applications on GPUs - Theodoros Aslanidis, Martin Stodůlka

2131 ULux
Aerodynamics – Benet Eiximeno Franch, Paolo Scuderi

2132 VSC
HPC Implementation of Molecular Surfaces - Miriam Beddig, Ulaş Mezin

2133 VSC
The convergence of HPC and Big Data/HPDA - Pedro Hernandez Gelado, Rajani Kumar Pradhan