Jade Tier-1 system workshop @ CINES



Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur 950, rue de Saint Priest 34097 Montpellier Cedex 5, FRANCE
 The aims of this training are :
  • 1 - to provide an overview of the existing High Performance Computing  architectures
  • 2 - to introduce the Tier1 supercomputer Jade which is hosted at CINES, as well as the PRACE services offered on this system

The first part of this training will be a theoretical course about 
the architecture of supercomputers, parallel programming languages, 
and the user environment on Jade. The second part will be practice  on
Jade : we will use some examples to learn how to compile and  submit
jobs on the cluster, and how to perform some basic  optimizations.
 Learning outcomes
The participants should become familiar with the HPC architectures 
and self-reliant with the use of the cluster Jade.

 Prerequesites :
 Basic Linux, FORTRAN or C programming language
The agenda of this meeting is empty