11-15 October 2021
Europe/Helsinki timezone


Monday 11th October


& evening      Bus transportations from Kajaani to Vuokatti Sport Resort

19:30->         Get-to-together event at the Rantasauna,

                      opportunity to go to sauna + evening snack


Tuesday 12th October (In cabinets Teeri, Ilves, Kettu)

09:00-9:30      Welcome and introduction to the school - Dr. Pekka Manninen, CSC 

09.30-10:45    Keynote speech - Prof. Dr. Thomas Schulthess, ETH Zurich/ CSCS

10:45-11:00    Break

11:00-12:00   Science case: 

                       Molecular dynamics on heterogeneous architectures: lessons learned from

                       a decade of parallelization advances in GROMACS

                      - Dr. Szilárd Páll, PDC, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

12:00-12:45  Lunch break

12:45-13:45  Freetime/ activity (outdoor activities on Tuesday cancelled due to rain)

14:00-17:00   Parallel hands-on tracks

                        Introduction to deep learning (Ilves)

                        - Dr. Markus Koskela & Dr. Mats Sjöberg, CSC

                        Introduction to GPU programming with OpenMP (Teeri)

                        - Dr. Jussi Enkovaara & Dr. Pekka Manninen, CSC

                        - Dr. Alfio Lazzaro, HPE HPC/AI Research Lab, HPE Switzerland

                        Hackathon: Optimizing GPU applications on LUMI supercomputer (Kettu)

                        - Dr. Fredrik Robertsen, CSC & Dr. George S. Markomanolis, CSC

17:00-18:00   Dinner break

18:00-21:00   Parallel hands-on tracks (cabinets Ilves, Teeri, Kettu)

                       - including a break + a light snack at 19:30


Wednesday 13th October (In cabinets Teeri, Ilves, Kettu)

09:00-12:00   Science cases

9:00-9:40        Electronic-structure theory methods on GPUs

                                     - Dr. Jussi Enkovaara, CSC

9:40-10:20      Weather and climate codes on GPUs

                                     - Dr. Daniel Klocke, MPI-M

10:20-10:40    Break

10:40-11:20   Program acceleration with GPU using CUDA

                                     - Dr. Talgat Manglayev, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics

 11:20-12:00  Computing intensive digital pathology: AI-driven cancer diagnostics 

                      achieves pathologist level performance

                                     - Asst. Prof. Pekka Ruusuvuori, University of Turku

12:00-12:45  Lunch break

12:45-13:45  Outdoor activities: geocaching & frisbeegolf (meeting point outside at the


14:00-17:00   Parallel hands-on tracks (cabinets Ilves, Teeri, Kettu)

17:00-18:00   Dinner break

18:00-21:00   Parallel hands-on tracks (cabinets Ilves, Teeri, Kettu)

20:00-23:00   Opportunity to go to sauna (Rantasauna) + a light snack


Thursday 14th October: Trip to Kajaani Data Center

09:00-11:30   Parallel hands-on tracks (cabinets Ilves, Teeri, Kettu)

11:30-13:00   Lunch break

13:00-14:00   Bus transportation to Kajaani

14:15-14:20   Welcome – Jukka-Pekka Partanen, Director of Kajaani Datacenter Program

14:20-14:50    LUMI presentation - Pekka Manninen, LUMI Program Director

14:50-15:20    Technical presentation

                        -Veli-Antti Leinonen, Specialist, Kajaani Datacenter Program

15:20-15:35     Coffee break

15:35-15:45     Presentation: Kajaani Data Ecosystem

                        – Mikko Kerttula, Project Manager, Kajaani Datacenter Program

15:45-16:30     LUMI Data Center visit

16:30-18:00    Transfer to the Kajaani city center (walks around) and transfer to the

                        restaurant (by walk 2km or by bus)

18:00-22:00   Social Dinner

22:00              Bus transportation back to Vuokatti


Friday 15th October

9:00-11:00     Parallel hands-on tracks (cabinets Ilves, Teeri, Kettu)

11:00-12:00   Hackathon result presentations (cabinets Ilves, Teeri, Kettu)

                      Closing the event - Dr. Pekka Manninen, CSC

12:00-13:00   Lunch

13:15-15:15   Outdoor activity: Hiking trip + freetime

                       (meeting point outside at the flagpoles)

16:00             Bus transportation: Vuokatti -> Kajaani city center -> Kajaani airport