11-15 October 2021
Europe/Helsinki timezone

Contents of the Hands-on Tracks

On this page you will find further details about each of the hands-on tracks.

Applicants are expected to select one of them.


Introduction to Deep Learning - Dr. Markus Koskela & Dr. Mats Sjöberg, CSC

  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Multi-layer perceptron networks
  • Images and convolutional neural networks
  • Text data, embeddings, recurrent neural networks
  • Attention models
  • GPUs and batch jobs (LUMI or Puhti)
  • Using multiple GPUs
  • Exercises in the cluster


Introduction to GPU Programming with OpenMP  - Dr. Jussi Enkovaara & Dr. Pekka Manninen, CSC

  • Introduction to GPUs
  • OpenMP programming model for GPUs
  • Execution controls
  • Data transfers
  • Performance analysis
  • Using multiple GPUs


Hackathon: Optimizing GPU applications on LUMI supercomputer  - Dr. Fredrik Robertsen, CSC & Dr. Georgios Markomanolis, CSC

The participants are expected to bring a code that they expect to port or optimize for GPUs. Some instructors will be available to help you.