[ONLINE] Training on Nek5000 @ENCCS/EXCELLERAT





In this one-day training, we will give an overview of the capabilities and features of Nek5000, together with a hands-on session to install, run and postprocess some comparably simple flow cases. Nek5000 is a spectral-element based solver for CFD, and is available as an open source package. The code has become popular among researchers worldwide, mainly because of its relatively high accuracy per grid point, its parallel efficiency and the wide user community and available packages (e.g. statistics, linear stability, adjoints etc.).

The development of the various methods goes back to the mid 80s, and a number of different approaches is now implemented, both when it comes to the integration of Navier-Stokes, the communication kernels and efficient single-core performance. There are also advanced capabilities when it comes to meshing, turbulence models, moving meshes that make Nek5000 attractive even for more industrially relevant flows. The benefit of high order and efficient parallelisation is clearly a distinguishing feature in situations when high fidelity simulation data is required.


Adam Peplinski, Niclas Jansson, Philipp Schlatter


For updated information and schedule please visit  https://enccs.se/events/2021/08/training-on-nek5000/

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