All the PATC courses at BSC are free of charge. Please, bring your own laptop.

Course convener:

Mariano Vázquez, Established researcher, BSC-CASE, Physical and Numerical Modelling Group


Marco Verdicchio & Benjamin Czaja - “First steps in the HPC environment”.

Alexander Heifetz (Evotec) - “Introduction to Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD)”

Andrea Townsend-Nicholson (UCL) “Molecular Medicine”

David Oks(BSC) & Cristobal Samaniego(BSC)  - “Fluid-Structure Interaction methods for biomechanics”

Gabor  Zavodszky (UvA) - “Zoom in on blood - Using supercomputers for blood flow simulations”

Miroslav Kratochvil (BSC, PerMedCoE) - “A brief introduction to large-scale constraint based metabolic modeling and analysis”

Arnau Montagud (BSC, PerMedCoE) - “The use of multiscale modelling to build a virtual patient from the cell-level up”


Objectives: The objetive of this course is to give a panorama on the use of hpc-based computational mechanics in Biomedical Sciences. The training is delivered in collaboration with the centers of excellence CompBioMed2 and PerMedCoE.

Learning Outcomes:  The course gives a wide perspective and the latest trends of how HPC helps in biomedical applications allowing to achieve more realistic multiphysics simulations. In addition, the student has the opportunity of running Jobs in Marenostrum supercomputer.

Level:  All courses are designed for MSc and PhD students in STEM or Medical sciences.