Jun 17 – 21, 2013
Lower area of Vitkovice, Ostrava, Czech Republic,
CET timezone
Thanks to all tutors and participants for the success of the event!
This five-day event will offer tutorials on several distinguished software packages, frameworks and libraries widely used for solving large-scale engineering and scientific problems on high performance computing systems. The target audience consists of scientists and developers who wish to use high-level tools but at the same time require fine-grain control over the solution process. The presented open source packages were selected to cover the whole "life cycle" of such projects: preprocessing, solution and postprocessing. However, the focus is on the solution phase.
About the programme
The school will start with a tutorial on the libMesh library for the numerical simulation of partial differential equations using arbitrary unstructured discretizations on serial and parallel platforms, providing support for the adaptive mesh refinement. For the solution of the arising linear systems, the second and third day will cover the PETSc or Trilinos frameworks which are collections of open source software packages used as building blocks for the development of parallel and scalable applications based on the solution of partial differential equations. The fourth day will provide a more in-depth coverage of linear algebra algorithms for emerging computer architectures (multicore, GPU, heterogeneous, hybrid), as they are being developed in the Plasma and Magma projects. The last day, devoted to postprocessing, will deliver a tutorial on ParaView, a highly respected data analysis and visualization tool designed to run on massively parallel platforms.
The tutorials will be presented by outstanding specialists, mostly leaders or members of the tool/library developers. To get the most out of the school, the lectures will be accompanied by hands-on exercises ("labs") to be carried out on a supercomputer.
Prerequisites and Registration
Applicants are expected to be active developers/programmers of scientific applications for large-scale mathematical modelling and simulations. Thus, the prerequisites include working skills in (parallel) programming and some knowledge of basic discretization techniques.
School attendees will be selected based on applications submitted through the registration form, taking into account the order of registrations. Applicants will be informed about their acceptance not later than two weeks after the registration has closed. The number of attendees is limited to about forty. All attendees are encouraged to bring a poster on their work related to the topics of the school.
The school is offered free of charge to students, researchers and academics residing in PRACE member states and eligible countries. Lunches, coffee breaks and social events are included. It is the responsibility of the attendees to arrange and cover travel and accommodation. The school's official language is English.
Lower area of Vitkovice, Ostrava, Czech Republic,
Address: Multifunctional auditorium GONG, Dolní Vítkovice Ruská 2993, 70602 Ostrava-Vítkovice http://www.dolnioblastvitkovice.cz
Recommended hotels
  • Hotel GARNI***
Location: Student campus of VSB – TU Ostrava, Ostrava-Poruba
(30 min by public transport from the school's venue)
Address:  Studentská 1770, 700 32 Ostrava-Poruba,
Prices for room per night including VAT:
Single room – 28 EUR (700 CZK)
Double room – 35 EUR (880 CZK)
Included in the price: breakfast, internet connection, parking

To book this hotel, please send your reservation request to e-mail: hotel@vsb.cz , stating Summer School.
  • Hotel Mercure****
Location: city centre
(10 min by public transport from the school's venue)
Address: Českobratrská 18/1742, 702 00 Ostrava
Prices for room per night, excluding 15% VAT:
Single room – 55 EUR (1375 CZK)
Double room – 67 EUR (1675 CZK)
Included in the price: breakfast, access to the hotel wellness centre (fitness room, steam bath) and wi-fi connection
To book the hotel please fill in the Accommodation request form (to be downloaded from the Material section above) and send it by e-mail to H7051@accor.com. Please note that the number of rooms pre-booked at this hotel is limited. In case that the interest will be higher we will arrange one more 4 star hotel in the city centre.

Travel information

Please check the corresponding file in the Material section above.

List of participants

Can be found in the Material section above.

Municipal transport in Ostrava: 7-day tickets available

Participants staying at the Garni hotel may consider buing a 7-day transport ticket (for zones 1 and 4) for 225 CZK, e.g. at the Ostrava Information Service located at both at Ostrava–Svinov railway station and Ostrava main railway station. Otherwise you will need two 26 CZK one-way tickets per day.  

For the Mercure hotel a 7-day transport ticket just for zone 1 for 172 CZK is sufficient. One way ticket is for 16 CZK.

On-line video

We are preparing an on-line video transmission from the event for those interested who cannot attend. Please check http://merlingo.vsb.cz/prace.

Info for participants staying at the Garni hotel

To help with the transfer from the hotel Garni to the PSS13 venue on Monday, a guide will collect interested participants at 7.30 a.m. at the reception of the hotel.