AMD GPU Hackathon




About the event

Dardel is a Swedish flagship supercomputer operated by PDC at KTH in Stockholm. It is an HPE Cray EX system with AMD EPYC™ 64 core CPUs and AMD Instinct MI250X GPUs. Compute time on Dardel is available for academic research via SNIC. 

This hackathon is for teams of research software developers who want to accomplish one or more of the following goals:  

  • Port their code to run on AMD Instinct™ GPUs using any of the GPU programming frameworks listed below 
  • Improve the performance of code that already runs on AMD Instinct™ GPUs 
  • Scale up their codes to multiple AMD Instinct™ GPUs 

During the hackathon, project teams will be paired up with expert mentors from HPEAMDPDC and ENCCS who will guide them during the hackathon to accomplish their stated goals. Teams should have at least two members who are prepared to work full-time on their projects for the duration of the hackathon. We furthermore also strongly encourage diversity in project teams. 


This hackathon will take place over four days split over two weeks. The first day of the hackathon, March 7, will be online while the main work will be hosted on-site on KTH Campus in Stockholm, Sweden, on March 14-16. Further details about the location will be provided later. 


  • Teams should consist of at least two, and preferably three, members who are ready to actively participate during the event. 
  • Teams should know their application well and have the programming experience to modify the code.  
  • Projects should be under an open-source license. 

No advanced GPU skills are required, but it is helpful for teams to know the basics of GPU programming and profiling. Team members should get familiar with aspects of the AMD ROCm™ open software and the AMD HIP programming language ( 

Registration and Accommodation

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