Feb 5 – 9, 2024
C6 building
CET timezone

BSC Training Courses are free of charge.

Course Convener: Maria-Ribera Sancho, E&T Manager, BSC

Course Lecturers: Josep Lluis Berral (BSC), Patricio Reyes (BSC), Maria Teresa Grifa, Data Scientist, Oscar Romero (UPC), Alberto Abello (UPC), Oscar Romero, Dept. of Service and Information System Engineering, (UPC-BarcelonaTech), Maria Cristina Marinescu (BSC) Joaquim More (BSC), Artem Rashetnikov (BSC), Petar Jovanovic (UPC), Karina Gibert (Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center (IDEAI-UPC)), Mari Paz Linares, inLab FIB (UPC), Daniel Rodríguez Rey, Atmospheric Composition Group Recognized Researcher, ES (BSC), Fernando Cucchietti, Head of Data Analytics and Visualisation (BSC), Davide Cirillo, Recognised Researcher in Machine Learning for Biomedical Research, LS, (BSC).

Objectives: The course brings together key information technologies used in manipulating, storing, and analysing data including:

  • Introduction to storage and process unstructured data. Main concepts of NoSQL databases
  • Large scale processing: Apache Spark and its core libraries for data manipulation, machine learning, data streams and graph analytics
  • Basics of Python deep learning technics with TensorFlow
  • Characterization of a data mining problem and its relation with business intelligence, dig data and exploratory statistics
  • Basic concepts of data visualization and tools
  • Awareness on existing biases in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) from a multidisciplinary perspective

Learning outcomes: Students will be introduced to systems that can accept, store, and analyse large volumes of unstructured data. The learned skills can be used in data intensive application areas.

Level: For trainees with some theoretical and practical knowledge

C6 building
Campus Nord, UPC

For further details and practical info such as local transport and venue please visit the local course page: https://www.bsc.es/education/training/bsc-training