BSC Training Courses are free of charge. 

This course will be held in person.

Course Convener: Xavier Martorell, BSC Computer Sciences/ Parallel Programming Models Group Manager


BSC - Computer Sciences department

Daniel Jimenez-Gonzalez - Programming Models - Associate Researcher
Carlos Alvarez - Programming Models - Associate Researcher
Xavier Martorell - Programming Models - Parallel programming model - Group Manager



This tutorial will introduce the audience to the BSC tools for heterogenous programming on FPGA devices. It describes OmpSs@FPGA, as a productive programming environment for compute systems with FPGAs.

More specifically, the tutorial will:

  • Introduce the OmpSs@FPGA programming model, how to write, compile and execute applications on FPGAs
  • Show the "implements" feature to explot parallelism across cores and IP cores
  • Demonstrate how to analyze applications to determine which portions can be executed on FPGAs, and use OmpSs@FPGA to parallelize/optimize them.

Learning Outcomes:   The students who finish this course will be able to develop benchmarks and simple applications with the OmpSs@FPGA programming model to be executed in FPGA boards, like Zedboard or Xilinx ZCU102.


  • Good knowledge of C/C++
  • Basic knowledge of acceleration architectures and offloading models
  • Basic knowledge of Paraver/Extrae
C6 Building
UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona

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