[HYBRID] Space Plasma Simulations on LUMI Supercomputer @ENCCS/Plasma PEPSC





ENCCS comes together with Plasma-PEPSC CoE for the organisations of this hybrid workshop to bring together code developers, researchers, and research software engineers working on plasma science, and create an amazing opportunity for sharing innovative ideas and best practice for potential users to use the Vlasiator package and using its capabilities and assorted tools for data analysis. This workshop includes:

  • running simulations at scale
  • benchmarking for deploying Vlasiator on supercomputing environments
  • designing a simulation setup, with notes on applicability and resources required
  • Accessing the .vlsv data via Analysator
  • Accessing the .vlsv data via the VisIt plugin

What you will learn

After attending this workshop, you will:

  • Understand core features of the Vlasiator package
  • Be efficient using the Vlasiator package to perform plasma simulations
  • Be productive in data analysis and visualization of simulation results
  • Be able to create your own project


  • PhD students, postdocs, industry engineers
  • Basic familiarity with general physics and plasma physics
  • Some previous practical experience running some CFD code
  • Basic familiarity with Unix shell
  • Basic familiarity with HPC environment is helpful but not mandatory


For updated agenda please visit https://enccs.se/events/plasma-simulations-on-lumi-supercomputer/


For any questions contact us at training@enccs.se

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This training is intended for users established in the European Union or a country associated with Horizon 2020. You can read more about the countries associated with Horizon2020 here https://ec.europa.eu/info/research-and-innovation/statistics/framework-programme-facts-and-figures/horizon-2020-country-profiles_e

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