Sep 23 – 27, 2013
University of Ljubljana
CET timezone
Resolving Industrial Engineering Applications with HPC by ANSYS, optiSLang, AVBP, elsA, RBF morph, etc.
In today's competitive product development, high performance computing (HPC) delivers outstanding value and investment return. Parallel computing increases understanding, productivity and accuracy of the simulation - a faster turnaround, reduced costs, systematic design variations and more complex models.
The PRACE Autumn School communicates and discusses issues and perspectives of HPC targeting industrial applications arising from evaluation performance and/or design of products, e.g. equipment and processes, with a particular emphasis on the automotive, aerospace, and energy fields. The PRACE Autumn School places priority on algorithms, simulation strategies, and programming techniques for complex fluid flow simulations, structural mechanics and electro-magnetics which usually have coupled multiphysics requiring intensive use of HPC resources. In case of expertise and software availability, there will be presentations of other issues, e.g. robustness and performance analysis, a brief introduction to pre- and post-processing techniques, e.g. CAD integration, mesh generation and visualization are presented.
The PRACE Autumn School targets at (40-50) experienced industrial users and some academics. Case studies and hands-on tutorials will be carried on the ULFME cluster. The tutorials will be held in parallel and in subsequent sessions, depending on the applicants' interest indicated in the registration questionnaire.

Due to large interest in elsA and AVBP by ONERA - Le centre français de recherche aérospatiale and CERFACS - European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation we are considering to extend this tutorials (from 3h30' to 5 hours hands-on) by including small turbine case. This means some time changes in Friday's session with little possibilities for sequential with RBF-Morph tutorials.

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University of Ljubljana
Lecture room IV/2 and computing rooms II/5, III/1, N17
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Aškerčeva 6 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
Prerequisites and Registration
Applicants are expected to have some experience with the topic of interest. 
School attendees will be selected based on applications submitted through the registration form, taking into account the order of registrations.
Applicants will be informed about their acceptance not later than two weeks after the registration. The number of attendees is limited to about 40-50. All attendees are encouraged to bring a poster on their work related to the topics of the school.

For narrative description take a look into PRACE Autumn School 2013 brochure.

The school is offered free of charge to industrial users, researchers and academics residing in PRACE member states and eligible countries. It is the responsibility of the attendees to arrange and cover travel and accommodation. The school's official language is English.

aerial viewBuilding entrance

ULFME is located nearby the city centre within 25 min walking distance from bus/train station and 10 min to the old town. Photos show the building and its entrance. Lunches in the restaurant with the winter garden at top of the building or many options around.

For mobile devices arround the university we suggest assuring EDUROAM account at the local institution if possible. For regular uses desktop computers with dedicated LAN with and WiFi will be provided. Users need not to bring their laptops unless they wish to for personal purposes.

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Accomodation in 1km radius link
Due to the Eurobasket 2013, Sept. 4-22. that is held in Slovenia it might be difficult to find accomodation in the city centre for the Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd night unless booking well ahead. To mitigate this problems organizers shifted school start at Monday 23rd afternoon to allow arrival in the morning. ULFME also reserved 25 double rooms at the hotel BIT Center Ljubljana with price 56€/night per room or 27€/night if occupied by two persons. Rooms are available under limited time/price conditions under the reservation code PRACE. Arrival is possible also a day or two earlier! Contact: Reservation is available until 15. August 2013. It takes 10 minutes by city bus 5, 9 or 13 to the city centre or maybe ordering taxi for 1€ if shared by four passengers. Busses 5 and 9 can be used to the station Kolizej and then use bus no. 1 and step out at the Aškerčeva station and you will be in front of the faculty.
ULFME has an option to reserve additional 10-15 rooms in a brand new Hotel Nox that is still closed. Opening in June 2013 with prices TBD. Accessible by city bus No. 1 and drives directly to the ULFME.
Applicants are, of course, free to find their accomodation of a choice. Some other recommended options with personal authorization available are: 
  1. Hotel Center in the centre: Contact for prices and availability.
  2. Hotel Slon in the centre: Contact  for prices and availability.
  3. Hotel Park in the centre (reservations will be available available after 20. May)
  4. Hotel Union in the centre. Might be expensive. Contact
  5. Ljubljana Resort contact
  6. Birokrat hotel contact
  7. G Design hotel contact
If arriving by car there are many accomodations nearby Ljubljana. Dedicated parking for guests is available in front of the faculty. Gate opens by ringing a bell. For public transport (city bus) Urbana card can be purchased at kiosks around and filled at the urbanomats. Urbana card is valid also for public bycicles if registered. Please ask for a help with accomodation if having troubles.

Visit for basic information about arranging travel to Ljubljana. Currency in Slovenia is Euro.

Airport is 30km outside Ljubljana. Public bus no. 28 from the airport 4.5€ (every hr/2hr Mo-Fr/Sa-Su), Private Shutles for 2.2€, Taxi from the airport 40€. See also the following links for explanation: and
Ljubljana city uses Urbana payment card for its city buses (1.2€/90min fare)  and for city bicycles with 1€/week (3€/yr) subscription. There are two CityCycle stations nearby ULFME.

If you will arrive by a car we have free parking places for guests in front of the "Fakulteta za strojništvo" (ULFME). Exact GPS coordinates of Aškerčeva 6 street are N46.04704 E14.49906. To open the car gate mention "PRACE" and park on the left parking slots with numbers 212-200 as shown on the photo attached.

City sightseeing as one hour walkarround is planned for Wednesday evening, 25th September  (old town, castle, ...).
You can cycle[1] for 1€ for a week around BTC city[2]. If you wanna chill-out in the summer you can railway yourself in a Postojna cave[3] or in castles[4-8] around and so on[9]. There is also free WiFi in the city centre[10,11].  And finally, you are all welcome to EuroBasket 2013[12] to cheer your favourite team if arriving for the finals a day or two before the Autumn school begins.

Ljubljana, aerial view

Aerial view of the old town. Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, Tourism Ljubljana