23-27 September 2013
University of Ljubljana
CET timezone

Multi-block structured code (elsA) and an unstructured code (AVBP) hands-on

27 Sep 2013, 13:30
Computing room N17 (University of Ljubljana)

Computing room N17

University of Ljubljana

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Aškerčeva 6 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
Hands-on training Computational Fluid Dynamics Computational Fluid Dynamics


Dr Michel Gazaix (ONERA) Dr Nicolas Gourdain (CERFACS)


The aim will be to test some of the requirements presented in the course (such as mesh-partitioning and load balancing) to achieve high-scalability on massively parallel computers (maybe also on GPUs). Two examples are used to illustrate these concepts: a multi-block structured code (elsA) and an unstructured code (AVBP). Parallel computing strategies used with both flow solvers are detailed and compared. This comparison indicates that mesh-partitioning and load balancing are more straightforward with unstructured grids than with multi-block structured meshes. However, the mesh-partitioning stage can be challenging for unstructured grids, mainly due to memory limitations of the newly developed massively parallel architectures. Finally, detailed investigations show that the impact of mesh-partitioning on the numerical CFD solutions, due to rounding errors and block splitting, may be of importance and should be accurately addressed before qualifying massively parallel CFD tools for a routine industrial use.

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