Large scale data visualization with Visit @ MdS

Maison de la Simulation

Maison de la Simulation

Digitéo labs/Bât 565 CEA/Saclay 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette France
This training will be presented as a tutorial. A presentation of VisIt software is planned with an introduction to generic visualization concepts. Demonstrations of how Visit is used to address common and small-scale problems will be made and advanced data analysis tasks at larger scale will be demonstrated as well .

This tutorial will address about 30% of basic topics, about 30% of intermediate level and about 40% of advanced level contents

Learning outcomes
Provide an overview of Scientific Visualization usage scenarios such as data exploration, quantitative analysis, comparative analysis, visual debugging and communication of results.

Linux and visualization basics. A basic familarity with HPC concepts (parallelism, data decomposition) will be an advantage but is not required.
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