19 May 2014
BSC, Barcelona UPC, Campus Nord
CET timezone

All PATC Courses at BSC do not charge fees.


The course is organized as a series of talks describing several industrial projects we are carrying on at the CASE department of BSC. All these projects has a common point: very complex simulations of physical systems lie at the core, requiring HPC-based software. The CASE department develops Alya, a multi-physics parallel simulation code capable of running on thousands of processors. Among the application fields are:

  • Oil and Energy,
  • Environment,
  • Aerospace and
  • Pharmaceutical Industry.


Mariano Vázquez (High Performance Computational Mechanics Group Manager)

Guillaume Houzeaux (Physical And Numerical Modelling Group Manager)

Herbert Owen (CASE Senior Researcher)

Fernando Cucchietti (CASE Senior Researcher)

Josep de la Puente (CASE Senior Researcher)

Mauricio Hanzich (CASE Senior Researcher)

For further details on CASE research, please visit our webpages.

Target group: 

For professionals and Postgraduate Students of Informatics and the above mensioned application fields with intrest to use complex simulations in their research and development.

BSC, Barcelona UPC, Campus Nord
Nexus Building, CASE Department
For details go to http://bsc.es/education