28-30 April 2014
CET timezone
The OpenPALM coupler co-developed by ONERA and CERFACS has many features, and its use requires a dedicated training for physicists, computer scientists and developers of coupled applications. CERFACS engineers involved in its development teach this course.
Course topics:
  1. Process management:
    • The first level of parallelism OpenPALM: launching parallel tasks in a context or MPI_2 MPI_1, OpenPALM units, chaining or coupling
    • Instrumentation of the computer codes (parallel or not) to make OpenPALM units, interfacing Fortran, C, C++ ;
    • Management of the second level of parallelism, launching parallel programs
    • Definition of the coupling algorithm: branches, blocks, control structures, synchronizations
    • Resource Management of CPU and memories, priorities
  2. Information exchange between the coupled codes :
    • Instances of temporal objects, temporal interpolation
    • The toolkit, units of linear algebra, the interpolation of geophysical fields
    • Optimization of memory usage, the buffer, the Mailbuff, the memory slaves.
Real time monitoring of the application, the Performance Analyzer, debugging coupled applications

Learning outcomes
The purpose of the course is to learn to use PrePALM, the GUI of OpenPALM in order to quickly become autonomous on the instrumentation of the codes to couple as well as to use the various features of the coupler. The course is intended to be pragmatic with many hands-on activities.

Knowledge and practice of a structured language (Fortran, C, etc.)
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