Jun 9 – 13, 2014
CET timezone
Scientific visualization is the practice of producing graphics representations of scientific phenomena. The primary goal of visualization is insight: to improve understanding of the data through their visual representation.
A very large number of disciplines can take advantage of scientific
visualization: from medicine to astrophysics, chemistry, material science and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
The Summer School on Scientific Visualization is an intense, 5 day, graduate level course. The school aims at introducing the participants to key subjects and tools on scientific visualization with special focus on High Performance Computing platforms by means of lectures, real-life case histories and extended hands-on tutorials.
There will be a special focus on large scale datasets generated by scientific experiments and numerical simulations, which are very challenging due to continuously increasing sizes.
• VTK: filtering and rendering
• Paraview: filtering and scripting
• Python for scientific visualization
• Introduction to GUI development with Qt
• Blender: introduction to 3D computer graphics
• Remote visualization tools.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The school is aimed at final year master students, PhD students, and young researchers in computational sciences and scientific areas with different backgrounds.

Basic knowledge of computer programming (Python).

Attendance is free. A grant of 250 EUR (for foreign students) and 150 EUR (for Italian students) will be available for participants not funded by their institution and not working in the the Milan area. Documentation will be required.
Lunch will be provided by Cineca.
Each student will be given a two week access to the Cineca's supercomputing resources.

The number of participants is limited to 20 students. Applicants will be selected according to their experience, qualification and scientific interest BASED ON WHAT WRITTEN IN THE "Reason for participation" FIELD OF THE REGISTRATION FORM.
This edition will be held in English and non-Italian speaking students are welcome!

Course Organizer:
Raffaele Ponzini (Cineca)- Alice Invernizzi (Cineca)

Application Deadline:
via Raffaello Sanzio, 4 Segrate (MI) ITALY