27-29 August 2012
CSC - IT Center for Science
Europe/Helsinki timezone
Elmer FEM - from PCs to supercomputers
Elmer is an open source multiphysical simulation software that includes physical models of e.g. fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, electromagnetics, heat transfer and acoustics. These are described by partial differential equations which Elmer solves by the Finite Element Method (FEM). Parallel scalability of Elmer has been demonstrated up to thousands of processors. Currently Elmer is used by thousands of researchers around the world.
The intent of the course is to familiarize the attendees with Elmer, demonstrating its use both on a workstation with a GUI and on a supercomputer platform. The first day will focus on the use of GUI and on the basic concepts of Elmer. The second day goes into advanced topics such as structure of the code, user defined functions and basic parallel use. The third day is dedicated to parallel topicsand will feature special presentations on various recently implemented improvements in Elmer (such as mesh multiplication, block preconditioning, hybrid parallelization, interfaces to Trilinos and Hypre libraries, economical postprocessing utilities).
Learning outcome
After the course the participants should be able to solve standard modeling problems with Elmer, both on PCs and on supercomputers. Users should also be able to utilize some of the standard APIs for code development. Also they should have gained information on some recent scalable techniques applicable to parallel finite element codes.
The participants should preferably have some background in the solution of partial differential equations. Previous experience in Fortran and Parallel Computing will help in getting most of the course.  

Lecturers: Peter Råback (CSC), Thomas Zwinger (CSC), Mikko Byckling (CSC), Jonas Thies (Uppsala University)
Price: Free of charge 

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CSC - IT Center for Science
Training room Dogmi
Life Science Center, Keilaranta 14, Espoo, Finland
You in advance can download a virtual appliance that runs under VMWare Player (Mint Linux 32-bit) pre-installed with all necessary libaries and programs used during the course.