The solutions of many scientific problems in Earth Sciences are tightly related with HPC and Data-Intensive applications. In 2012 PRACE identified different challenges in the scientific areas related with Earth Sciences, from the climate change issues and the uncertainty assessment related to Earth System modelling (including reanalyses for ocean and atmosphere) to ocean, marine, weather and flood events forecasting with high socio-economic and environmental impact, to natural hazard mitigation (including seismic, volcanic, tsunami and landslides). Aim of the Symposium is to give to a broad audience a panoramic of the state-of-art HPC and High Performance Data-Intensive ecosystem that can support the computationally intensive Earth Sciences applications, to present ongoing efforts and projects in this scientific area, and to discuss about the future strategic opportunities that can stem from these initiatives. 

The event will feature outstanding key-note speakers and world recognized scientists, in the actively stimulating environment of the ICTP of Trieste.

The two days of Symposium will be devoted to present:
  • large-scale computational challenges in the field of Earth System modelling, spanning from climate studies to seismology, granted by the major HPC resources allocation programs (e.g. EU-PRACE, US-INCITE)
  • innovative developments in dynamic data structures, coupling libraries, management of large ensembles experiments, high resolution schemes and computational performance
  • big-data and data-intensive applications for data analysis, data description and publication, data standardization and exchange
The Symposium is co-sponsored by PRACE ( and jointly organized by ICTP (, OGS ( and Cineca (

Grants are available from participants coming from the EU region (outside the Trieste area) that can certify to be not funded  by their institutions to attend the symposium.
The grant amounts to 200 € for participants from abroad Italy and to 100€ for participants coming from Italy.
Eligible participants are requested to send an e-mail to with the subject “Symposium on HPC and Data-Intensive Applications in Earth Sciences: Challenges and Opportunities – GRANT REQUEST”, attaching a copy of the invitation letter to the event (received from ICTP). Additional documentation will also be requested. Grants are delivered only a month later to the end of the event and subjected to the verification that the eligible participant registered to the Symposium.


DAY 1: HPC Applications and Challenges in Earth Sciences

DAY 2: BigData and Data-Intensive Applications in Earth Sciences

For the preliminary timetable check the menu on the left.
Registration & Welcoming: coffee break/refreshment (10:00-10:30)
key-note 1: Venkatramani Balaji (Princeton Uni. and NOAA/GFDL)- Climate computing: the state of play -  Chairman:Prof. Bryan Lawrence (Reading Univ. and NCAS) (10:30-11:30)
key-note 2: Dimitri Komatitsch (CNRS)- Acoustic and elastic inversion and imaging on future exascale machines - Chairman:Prof. Bryan Lawrence (Reading Univ. and NCAS) (11:30-12:30)
Lunch break (12:30-13:30)
1st talks session: large-scale computational challenges (Chairman: TBA) (13:30-16:00)
13:30 Michael Bader-Sustained Petascale Performance of Seismic Simulations with SeisSol on SuperMUC” & A Dynamically Adaptive, Parallel Solver for Porous Media Flow and Tsunami Simulation (00h25')

13:55 Gianmaria Sannino - NEMERTE - Numerical Experiment on the Mediterranean model response to Enhanced Resolution and TidE (00h25')
14:20 Cosimo Solidoro (OGS)-Global Sensitivity analysis of the Mediterranean sea biogeochemical model (00h25')

14:55  Daniel Roten - INCITE (00h25')

15:10 Bryan Lawrence - Joint Weather and Climate High-Resolution Global Modelling: Future Weathers and their Risks (00h25')
15:35  Speaker TBA (00h25')
Coffee Break (16:00-16:30)
2nd talks session: Innovative development (Chairman:Dimitri Komatitsch) (16:30-18:30)
16:30 Matthias Lieber-FD4: Four-Dimensional Distributed Dynamic Data structures  (00h25')
16:55 Sophie Valcke (OASIS) (00h25')
17:20 Speaker TBA from OGS.  (00h25')
17:45 Sebastien Envil  (00h25')
18:05 Speaker TBA  (00h25')

Social Dinner 19:30

Key-note 1: Bryan Lawrence (Reading Univ. and NCAS). Chairman: Balaji (09:00-09:45)
Key-note 2: Kwo-Sen Kuo (NASA) - Big Data Infrastructure for Earth Science
Data-Intensively Analysis . Chairman: Balaji (09:45-10:30)
Coffee Break (10:30-11:00)
3rd talks session: Big Data- Chairman: Giovanni Aloisio - CMCC (11:00-13:05) 
11:00 Sandro Fiore- Big Data a Climate Change.  (00h25')
11:25 Andreas Rietbrock (University of Liverpool) EPOS project. (00h25')
11:50 IS-ENES project (00h25')
12:15 Cineca.  (00h25')
12:40 Kwo-Sen Kuo (NASA) Collaborative Infrastructure for BigData Managment. 
Lunch Break (13:05-14:00)
Panel discussion (with moderator) + final remarks (14:00-15:00)