June 29, 2015 to August 31, 2015
CET timezone

Training week info

Selected atednees

Project ID - name Selected atendee Country
1501 - In-situ molecular dynamics, BSC, Spain Mr. KAZANTZIDIS, Simos  Greece
1502 - GUI for RT monitoring in HPCBSC, Spain Ms. RUMENOVA, Rumyana United Kingdom
1503 - Hybrid deflated LQCD solver, CaSToRC, Cypru Mr. LARKIN, Conor Ireland
1504 - Deflated LQCD solver, CaSToRC, Cyprus Mr. PFREUNDSCHUH, Simon Sweden
1505 - VisTool for olfactory bulb, CINECA, Italy Mr. BENAR, Cem Turkey
1506 - Exploring Mars Surface, CINECA, SCAI, Italy Mr. KOCJANČIČ, Leon  Slovenia
1507 - MPI in FFEA, EPCC, UK Ms. BOLTERSDORF, Jana  Germany
1508 - Visualisation of macromolecules, EPCC, UK Mr. VYSOCKY, Ondrej Czech Republic
1509 - Cluster Challenge App, EPCC, UK Ms. CHANTZOPLAKI, Anna Greece
1510 - Interactive Weather Regimes, ICHEC, Ireland Mr. TICHÁČEK, Ondřej Czech Republic
1511 - RT Dynamics in DL_POLY_4, ICHEC, Ireland Mr. GROSSI, Paolo Italy
1512 - BEM for Wi-Fi, IT4I, Czech Republic Mr. AFONSO FUMERO, Sergio Manuel Spain
1513 - ESPRESO for Catalyst, IT4I, Czech Republic Mr. BOURACHED, Anthony  Ireland
1514 - MediVis, IT4I, Czech Republic Mr. KOVACS, Laszlo Hungary
1515 - Making Quarks phli furt, Juelich, Germany Ms. JENKINS, Sarah United Kingdom
1516 - Multipole Toolbox for GPUs, Juelich, German Mr. GARCÍA GARCÍA, Alberto Spain
1517 - Quantum Espresso on GPUs, NIIFI, Hungary Mr. HREHA, Jan Slovakia
1518 - Visualization of Siesta on CPUs, NIIFI Mr. MAVRACIC, Juraj Austria
1519 - Turbulence with OpenFOAM, UL, Slovenia Mr. CHAPMAN, Benjamin United Kingdom
1520 - Parallel boundary point method, UL, FIS, Sl Mr. SIMIONICA, Mircea  Italy

Training week

The training will be in a lecture room in the same building where the Tier-0 Marenostrum III is housed. Accomodation for accepted students will be provided in hotel Bonanova Park. There is free WiFi in the hotel. Two students per room will be accomodated. This is 10 min walking distance from the Campus Nord and the building where the lectures will be. On Campus, FIB (Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona) Bar is restaurant providing on-campus catering and also has 2 floors of sit-down service.