Systems Workshop: Programming ARM based prototypes @ BSC

TBD (BSC, Barcelona UPC, Campus Nord)


BSC, Barcelona UPC, Campus Nord

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Objectives: Get a comprehensive view of the architecture of the heterogeneous ARM-based prototypes at BSC (ARM multicore cluster and ARM+ GPU cluster) and how to program these systems efficiently.

Learning Outcomes: Understand how ARM multicore and ARM+GPU clusters work. Work with some example codes, compiling, debugging and executing trough system queues.

Get a global view of the machines with their specific configuration (Operating system, batch system, debuggers, compilers, how to access to the machines, how to use the resources, etc)

Target Group: Standard HPC users, some knowledge of multicore and GPU-accelerated systems is desirable, but not required.

Level: ITERMEDIATE: for participants with some theoretical and practical knowledge (All courses are designed for specialists with at least 1st cycle degree)

Requirements: Standard HPC users, with some knowledge in ARM CPU/GPU architecture (recommended, but not required).

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