Jan 25 – 28, 2016
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia
Europe/Bratislava timezone

The following is a general description of the events. The mission of the seasonal school is to get together experts and users from the field of Density Functional Theory (DFT) in order to pass along knowledge and experience in the theory itself, ways of parallel implementation of DFT algorithms as well as efficient use of available DFT codes and program packages in HPC applications. The speakers for the event are selected among developers of four prominent/popular DFT program packages suited for wide area of problems in chemistry, physics and biology: atomic/molecular (orbital-based) problems, plane wave approach for solid states as well as on-the-fly DFT simulations. Attendees are expected to get answers to questions they may be facing everyday: which program package to choose for efficient parallel applications on certain problem (size) and available computational resources; what limits the applicability and parallel scaling of the particular DFT method in all possible respects and eventually how are the DFT algorithms implemented for distributed/shared memory parallel computers and other technologies (GPUs, Intel Xeon Phi). Attendees willing to strengthen their knowledge in general parallel algorithms will be provided introductory lectures on MPI/OpenMP and GPGPU/Intel Xeon Phi programming. The school is organized by the Computing Centre of Slovak Academy of Sciences (CC SAS) in cooperation with the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava/IT4Innovations. The venue is located directly in the campus of SAS close to Bratislava city centre. Bratislava is a beautiful historical city with international airport, not far from Vienna, Budapest and Prague, with a lots of opportunities for sightseeing and social life.

Event speakers:

  • Prof. Marek Sierka, University of Jenna, Germany (Turbomole)
  • Dr. Ivano Tavernelli, IBM Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland (CPMD)
  • Dr. Martijn Marsman, University of Vienna, Austria (VASP)
  • Dr. Fang Liu, Stanford University, USA (Petachem)
  • Dr. Lubomír Říha, IT4Innovations VŠB-TUO Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Dr. Michal Merta, IT4Innovations VŠB-TUO Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Dr. Vladimír Malkin, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia
QUTE Pavilion
Dúbravská cesta č. 9, 845 35 Bratislava, Slovakia

General information:

  • Number of eligible participants is limited. Participants from PRACE countries are accepted preferably
  • This event is free of charge. Participants should cover only expenses related to travelling and accommodation
  • Foreign participants will receive partial refundation of their travel/accommodation cost. The exact amount will depend on the total number of registered foreign participants (it is expected to be around 100-150 EUR)
  • Participants are expected to bring their own laptop

How to get to QUTE Pavilion from "Patrónka" public transport station:

Please click on the image to see the path in detail.

Recommended accommodation:

Slovak Academy of Sciences provides following accommodation facility for foreign visitors:

Recently renovated dormitory/hotel "Kramare" (30 minutes walk, 2.5 km / 5-8 minutes by public transportation, lines 204, 212, from bus stop "Bardosova" + 5 minutes walk from bus stop "Patronka". Address: Royova 10, 831 01 Bratislava). 10 single rooms for 40 EUR/night with wifi, bathroom and small kitchen are available or 5 aparments with one double bed and  one extendable bed for 50 EUR/night (no limitation of number of persons). Wifi, bathroom and small kitchen is available. Breakfast is not included, nor served.

For any visitor (including Slovaks):

Dormitory/Hotel "Devinska Nova Ves" (15 minutes by public transportation, line 21, from bus stop "Stefana Kralika" + 5 minutes walk from bus stop "Patronka". Address: Ivana Bukovcana 9, 841 07 Bratislava). 6 single rooms for 10 EUR/night and 4 double rooms for 6 EUR/person/night are available. No wifi, no breakfast and 3 rooms share a bathroom.

We made a reservation of the aforementioned lodging until 12:00 of 15.01.2016 (Friday). Please let us know is you are interested, after the deadline we can't guarantee the availability.