Jan 27 – 28, 2016
Maison de la simulation
CET timezone

This training presents advanced visualization techniques using the open source software Paraview. The objective of the training is to give good practices for visualizing results of large scale simulations on advanced parallel computers. 

We present parallel usage (client-server and parallel IO),  the IO types best adapted to high performance visualization, as well as the remote connection to simulation codes enabling in situ visualization. 

These techniques will be demonstrated on the stereoscopic visualization wall at Maison de la Simulation  (www.maisondelasimulation.fr/Visualisation.php).

The presented tools will be illustrated during hands-on sessions.

Course outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to Paraview and its GUI
  • Using the client server model
  • Saving the visualization pipeline, Python scripting
  • IO in Paraview, sequential and parallel readers with VTK and HDF5. The VisitBridge. 

Day 2

  • Introduction to In-Situ visualization with Catalyst
  • Demo of in-situ visualization on the Mandelbrot image wall @ MdS 
  • Hands-on session for in-situ visualization, with the code Hydro-2D (in C or F90). 

Learning outcomes

Using Paraview in a HPC environment, automating your work with scipts.

Learn Catalyst basics.


  • Joachim Pouderoux (KitWare)
  • Martial Mancip (MdS), Alexandre Ancel (Cemosis, Strasbourg)


Basic knowledge of Linux, programming (C or Fortrant 90). A prior experience with Paraview will be useful.

Maison de la simulation
Digitéo labs/Bât 565 CEA/Saclay 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette France

More info about Maison de la SImulation: http://www.maisondelasimulation.fr
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List of hotels: http://www.maisondelasimulation.fr/Phocea/Page/index.php?id=53
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