OpenMP and OpenACC GPU Directives for Parallel Accelerated Supercomputers -- an alternative to CUDA from Cray perspective @ HLRS


This workshop will cover the directive-based programming model based on OpenMP v4 and OpenACC v2 whose multivendor support allows users to portably develop applications for parallel accelerated supercomputers.
The workshop will also demonstrate how to use the Cray Programming Environment tools to identify application bottlenecks, facilitate the porting, provide accelerated performance feedback and to tune the ported applications. The Cray scientific libraries for accelerators will be presented, and interoperability of the directives approach with these and with CUDA will be demonstrated. Through application case studies and tutorials, users will gain direct experience of using both OpenMP and OpenACC directives in realistic applications. Users may also bring their own codes to discuss with Cray specialists or begin porting.
This course provides scientific training in Computational Science, and in addition, the scientific exchange of the participants among themselves.

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