Jun 20 – 24, 2016
Cineca - BOLOGNA
CET timezone


The increasing amount of scientific data being collected through sensors or computational simulations may take advantage of new analytics techniques for being processed in order to extract new meanings out of raw data. The purpose of this one-week school is to present researches and scientists with methods, tools and techniques for the mining, analysis and visualization of large data sets using Cineca resources. This school is an introductory set of lectures aimed at training beginners participants  in the application of relevant statistical and machine learning algorithms to extract new insights from data, in the adoption of data visualization techniques and tools to graph relevant information, and in the proper use of Cineca resources to execute processing jobs. The school will consist of introductory lectures held by guest data-analyst experts, and hands-on sessions.


Data Mining, Data Visualization.

Target Audience:

Young students, PhD, and researchers in computational sciences and scientific areas with different backgrounds, looking for new technologies and methods to process and analyse large amount of data.


Participants must have basic knowledge in statistics, on the fundamentals of computer programming with python and in using GNU/Linux-based systems.

The lunch for the five days will be offered to all the participants and some grants are available. The only requirement to be eligible is to be not funded by your institution to attend the course and to work or live in an institute outside the Milan area. The grant  will be 300 euros for students working and living outside Italy and 150 euros for students working and living in Italy. Some documentation will be required and the grant will be paid only after a certified presence of minimum 80% of the lectures.

Further information about how to request the grant, will be provided at the confirmation of the course: about 3 weeks before the starting date.

The number of participants is limited to 24 students. Applicants will be selected according to their experience, qualification and scientific interest BASED ON WHAT WRITTEN IN THE "Reason for participation" FIELD OF THE REGISTRATION FORM. 

This edition will be held in English and non-Italian speaking students are welcome!


May 8th, 2016. 



Cineca - BOLOGNA
Via Magnanelli 6/3 Casalecchio di Reno (BO) ITALY