31 January 2017 to 1 February 2017
Barcelona BSC Campus Nord
CET timezone

The registration to this course is now open. Please, bring your own laptop. All the PATC courses at BSC are free of charge.

Course Convener: Javier Bartolome

Objectives: Explain the different components that MareNostrum III is composed, which were the design decisions taken and why.
Explain how the system administration is taken in this Petaflop system.

Learning Outcomes: The students will learn how MareNostrum III is organized and how it works. This can have some insights and ideas about how to manage clusters of thousands of nodes in a HPC or no-HPC environment.

Level: INTERMEDIATE, for trainees with some theoretical and practical knowledge; those who finished the beginners course.

Prerequisites: Experience on Linux system administration is required.



Day 1/


Introduction & outline of the course (9h- 9:20h)

MareNostrumIII Overview (9:20h-9:40h)

Storage in MareNostrumIII (9:40h-10:40h)

<BREAK 10:40h – 11h>

PRACE Project and Services (11h-11:45h)

Networks on MareNostrumIII (11:45h-12:15h)

Clustering Software I (12:15h -13h)

<Lunch 13h – 14h>

Clustering Software II (14:00h -14:45h)

Practice on clustering software (14:45h-16h)

<BREAK 16h – 16:15h>

Monitoring MareNostrumIII (16:15h-17:00h)

Visit to MareNostrumIII (17h-18h)


DAY 2/


MareNostrumIII Facility (09h-09:40h)

MareNostrumIII Schedule system (9:40h-10:45h)

<BREAK 10:45h – 11h>

MareNostrumIII software stack (11h-12h)

Questions/Wrap-up (12h-12:30h)

End of Course

Barcelona BSC Campus Nord
Room VS208, Vertex Building

For further details and practical info such as local transport and venue please visit the local course pages for PATC@BSC: http://www.bsc.es/patc