Parallel filesystems and parallel IO libraries @MdlS

Training room 43 (Maison de la Simulation)

Training room 43

Maison de la Simulation

Digitéo labs Bât 565 CEA/Saclay 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette France

The increase in computational power goes hand in hand with an increase in the size of the data to be managed, both on the input and on the output sides. IO can easily become a bottleneck for large scale architectures. The understanding of parallel file system mechanisms and parallel IO concepts enables users to efficiently use existing high level libraires like Netcdf or HDF5. In addition this course will provide an introduction to the well established IO technology in the climate community: XIOS.



• HDF5 High level IO libraries (3h)

• Parallel HDF5 and focus on MPI-IO hints (3h)

• Parallel file systems: Lustre (1h30)

• XIOS: IO server and online post-processing (4h30)


Instructors: M. Haefele (Maison de la Simulation, CNRS), Thomas Leibovici (TGCC, CEA), Manh-Ha Nguyen (LSCE, CEA)

Learning outcomes: After this course, participants should understand the tradeoffs implied by using a parallel file-system, and know how to efficiently use parallel IO libraries.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of C or Fortran programming language, parallel programing with MPI

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