Workshop HPC Methods for Engineering@Cineca

Sala Napoleonica (Palazzo Greppi)

Sala Napoleonica

Palazzo Greppi

Via S. Antonio 10 Milano ITALY


The event is intended to collect a set of experiences from nowaday professional figures, coming from industry as well as from research centers and academy, to show the off-the-shelf technologies and methodologies available using Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) applications in an HPC environment. More in detail we would like to show how tight can be today the relationship between HPC infrastructures and large scale applications involved in engineering product design and manufacturing. The interplay between computational platforms and engineering applications involves as a by-product parallel benchmarking and performance ranking, data intensive I/O applications, co-design of applications integrated with system-ware development, new solvers for massively parallel application, remote and parallel large scale visualization.


This three days event is divided into this main topics:
- pre-processing: cad import and cleaning, meshing using commercial and open-source applications.
- computing: CFD, FEM, Multi-Physics, Optimization
- post-processing: data analysis and visualization using desktop and remote visualization facilities

AGENDA (upd June 14th) 



Industrial and academic large scale applications and use cases, data analytics applications for engineering and manufacturing.

Target audience:

Academic and industrial researchers, managers which use / are planning to use HPC systems for CAE applications. This is not a training course on how to use specific CAE software.

Some grants are available. The only requirement to be eligible is to be not funded by your institution to attend the course and working or living in an institute outside the Milano area. The grant  will be 300 euros for students working and living outside Italy and 150 euros for students working and living in Italy. Some documentation will be required and the grant will be paid only after a certified presence of minimum 80% of the lectures.

Further information about how to request the grant, will be provided at the confirmation of the course: about 3 weeks before the starting date.

AGENDA (upd. june 14th)
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