Survival Guide

Getting from Larnaca Airport to Nicosia and vice versa

To get from Larnaca airport to Nicosia, it is best to get the Kapnos airport shuttle from Larnaca airport to Nicosia, and from the shuttle bus stop to get a taxi to Cleopatra hotel. The cost of the shuttle is 8 euros and the taxi should be about 5 euros.

Taking a taxi from the airport to Nicosia is around 50 euros so this is an expensive option.

The Kapnos airport shuttle is just outside the airport (take the leftmost exit after you get out of arrivals) and when you depart from Cyprus you can also take the shuttle as it takes you literately outside the airport departures entrance.

The website for the shuttle is below:

Please look at the following for Larnaka airport to Nicosia:

Please look at the following for Nicosia to Larnaka airport:

One can make reservations (although you can buy tickets at the airport too) here:

Electrical Sockets in Cyprus

Electrical sockets in Cyprus are the same as the UK, 3-pin plugs.

It is thus important that you bring electrical power plug adapters for your electronic devices.

Please make sure to bring such an adapter for your laptop everyday at the Seasonal school.

Left side of the road driving in Cyprus

In Cyprus, cars drive on the left hand side of the road. This will likely be different to the side driven in your country. So please make sure to be extra vigilant when crossing any roads.

Buses from Hotels to The Cyprus Institute and vice versa

Most participants are staying in the center of Nicosia at the Castelli, Centrum, Classic, Cleopatra, Royiatiko and Sky hotels. These can be seen in the picture below (click to enlarge):

Every morning and evening there will be a bus which will take you from the center of Nicosia to the Workshop and vice-versa. There will be two buses:

  • One leaving from Cleopatra Hotel for the people who are staying there
  • One leaving from the Post Office at the center of Nicosia for people who are staying at the Castelli, Centrum, Classic, Royiatiko and Sky hotels. This stop is within walking distance of these hotels. You can also ask at the reception desk of your hotel for directions of how to get to the Post-office.

The buses will have the following signs relative to their direction of travel (click to enlarge):

Buses Schedule

The schedule of the buses can be found here.

Please make sure to be at the bus stop the latest 08:30 each morning so the bus can leave at 08:35 sharp.

If you miss the bus, you can take a taxi to the Cyprus Institute. The address is The Cyprus Institute, 20 Constantinou Kavafi Street, Nicosia 2121, Cyprus, Tel. +357 22208600.

Seasonal School Tracks Rooms

The Developer Track will be held at the GOB building - 1st floor seminar room.

The System Administration Track will be held at the NTL building - 1st Floor events room.

Staff will be present to direct you to the right building and room.

A Guide for Cyprus

For details about Cyprus please see "A Guide for Cyprus" prepared by The Cyprus Institute.

Restaurants in Nicosia

There are many various restaurants one can visit in Nicosia for dinner. Please note that there will be no school social event. Some good places to visit include the following:

Hotel staff will also direct you to other restaurants.

Bars in Nicosia

There are various bars one can visit in Nicosia for a drink. Some good places to visit include the following:

Hotel staff will also direct you to other places.

Contact Information

For any help you can contact Stelios Erotokritou at or 0035799646241 or 0035796284324 (this on Viber too).