• Overview of CURIE and TGCC
  • Access and practical information: procedures, documentation, contacts
  • Usage of the supercomputing centre resources and related best practices
  • Programming environment (compilers, MPI, OpenMP, Cuda, debuggers, other tools)
  • Job submission (advanced usage and TGCC tools)
  • Available software (codes, libraries…)
  • I/O and data management
  • Advanced usage: code optimization and tuning, Bull libraries …
Learning outcomes
The aim of this course is to give new users an overview of CURIE tier-0 system and its environment (access, storage, development tools...), as well as best practices for their usage, with a special focus on specific features (advanced usage and programming tools) so as to help them making efficient use of their allocated resources on thin, fat or hybrid node partitions.

Basic knowledge of UNIX/Linux and some knowledge and practice of a programming language
Bât. TGCC, CEA / DAM Ile de France, Bruyères-le-Châtel – 91297 Arpajon Cedex – France
More info about TGCC at CEA:

A shuttle service to TGCC will be provided