May 29 – 31, 2018
University of Ljubljana
CET timezone

Social event

Conference dinner and visit to Postojna cave

Date: Wednesday 30 May 2018

Busses to the social event will depart at 17:30 (tbc) from conference venue. Further details will be communicated soon.

Please keep in mind to be registered for the social event!

Postojna Cave is the heart of the picturesque Slovene Karst. It was discovered in all its grandeur in 1818. Today it is famous for being one of the most diverse karst caves in the world. Nowhere else is it possible to admire so many different subterranean karst wonders in a single cave system. In 200 years, it has already hosted 35 million visitors from around the world. Nowhere else but here, have visitors for 140 years been able to take a ride with a special cave train which takes you around under magnificent underground arches, through an amazing landscape dotted with playful limestone sculptures.

Right next to the entrance to the queen of all caves is where the Jamski Dvorec Mansion is located. It was renovated into a modern event centre and is the perfect venue for unforgettable events, including corporate and state events at the highe st level. In the Jamski Dvorec Mansion you will get to taste the flavours of Slovene cuisine, in particular from the Notranjska-Karst region. The restaurant at the mansion is well-known for preparing food the way it used to be done in the old days – in traditional old-style copper pans. You will thus be able to try modern versions of dishes prepared according to old recipes.