14-15 December 2017
VŠB - Technical University Ostrava, IT4Innovations building
CET timezone


Course introduction
• course outline and introduction to OpenFOAM
• Linux background, preparation for hands-on sessions
• my first OpenFOAM case, hands-on session
• OpenFOAM case structure

Geometry and meshing
• meshing strategies in OpenFOAM
• blockMesh, snappyHexMesh, hands-on session
• mesh conversion from external packages (ANSYS Fluent example), hands-on session

Mesh manipulations
• mesh manipulation, hands-on session
• mesh partitioning for parallel computing, hands-on session
• parallel meshing, parallel redistributing, hands-on session

Physical modelling and numerical simulations
• initial and boundary condition
• incompressible simulations - SIMPLE/PISO/PIMPLE solvers, hands-on session
• transport and turbulent models
• solution monitoring and control
• linear solvers setting

Parallel computing
• run in parallel on workstation/laptop/supercomputer
• programming boundary conditions

• data Vizualization, ParaView, EnSight
• OpenFOAM format conversions
• plotting graphs of force coefficients, etc.
• utilities for post-processing
• hands-on session