May 11, 2018
Barcelona BSC Campus Nord
CET timezone

The registration to this course will open in March. Please, bring your own laptop.  All the PATC courses at BSC are free of charge.

Course convener: Filippo Mantovani


  • Get a comprehensive view of the architecture of the heterogeneous ARM-based platforms deployed in the framework of the Mont-Blanc project, including ARM multicore clusters based on mobile and server technology.
  • Understand the challenges associated with large-scale HPC simulations. 
  • Understand the basic concepts of architectural simulations and introduce the MUlti-scale Simulation Architecture (MUSA), developed within Mont-Blanc 3 for the simulation of next-generation HPC architectures. 
  • Hands-on and study of a use case using MUSA. Tools for architectural simulation that include a complete software stack for performing architectural simulations at scale of thousands of cores will be made available.

Learning Outcomes: Understand how ARM multicore and ARM+GPU clusters work. Work with some example codes, compiling, debugging and executing trough system queues.

Get a global view of the machines with their specific configuration (Operating system, batch system, debuggers, compilers, how to access to the machines, how to use the resources, etc)

Target Group: Standard HPC users, some knowledge of multicore and GPU-accelerated systems is desirable, but not required.

Level: INTERMEDIATE: for participants with some theoretical and practical knowledge (All courses are designed for specialists with at least 1st cycle degree)

Requirements: Standard HPC users, with some knowledge in ARM CPU/GPU architecture (recommended, but not required).


Day 1 /  9:30am - 5:30pm: (3h lectures with 5 min breaks on the hour)

Session 1 (2h):

  1. The Mont-Blanc Project
  2. ARM based machines: Architecture Overview
  3. Discussion

Session 2 (1h + 1h hands-on):

  1. Simulating ARM based machines (TaskSim and Gem5) (1:30h) 
  2. Lunch Break (13:00 to 14:00)

Session 3 (1h + 1h hands-on ):

Simulation at scale: the MUltiscale Simulation Architecture (MUSA), performance and power evaluation of next generation large ARM based systems for scientific computing



Barcelona BSC Campus Nord
Vertex Building, Room S208

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