Introduction to Parallel Programming with HPX @ HLRS

HLRS (High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart)

HLRS (High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart)

University of Stuttgart D-70569 Stuttgart Germany


The aim of this course is to introduce participants to the HPX library ( and and demonstrate how it can be used to write task based programs. The HPX library implements a lightweight threading model that allows both concurrent, asynchronous, parallel and distributed programming constructs to coexist within the same application with a consistent API based on C++ standards and using futures to synchronize between tasks.
The course is aimed at participants with a good understanding of C++. The material covered will include an introduction to the HPX programming model; asynchronous programming concepts, execution policies and executors; parallel algorithms using tasks (including the parallel STL); writing distributed applications with HPX; profiling and debugging and a final section introducing heterogeneous programming using targets for GPU devices.

Objective: The attendee will gain an understanding of the HPX library and task based programming in general

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