July 1, 2018 to August 30, 2018
Training week at University of Edinburgh, EPCC
CET timezone

These event pages are used for registration (application submission) and later for training week at the beginning of the programme for accepted students. The first week is reserved for an HPC training that will be held at EPCC supercomputing centre, Edingurgh, UK. Then the accepted students will be appointed to the hosting sites where they will enjoy the summer while working on their HPC projects with their mentors. Agenda for the training week is tentative.

For more details on the Summer of HPC programme please visit http://summerofhpc.prace-ri.eu

Training week at University of Edinburgh, EPCC
Patersons Land G42
EPCC Perter Guthrie Campus Edinburgh EH9 3FD


15 minutes walk from Central Area Campus


Travel to Edinburgh will be arranged with the help of site coordinators! Edinburgh Airport has direct flights to all major European airports and many smaller regional airports. Those airports to which there are not direct flights in many cases offer flights to Glasgow or Newcastle, easily accessible by train. London is also usable as a hub and cheap train tickets or flights to transfer to Edinburgh are available. If flights are booked early total student travel to the training week and on to their host centres can be expected to come in between £200-£300 maximum – worst case scenarios based on students coming from hard-to-reach locations and going to hard-to-reach Centres.

About the training week

Initial agreement has been reached with colleagues at the Advanced Computing Facility (host to ARCHER, the UK National Supercomputing Service, and Cirrus, an UK National Tier-2 service among other systems) to provide students with a tour of that facility during their stay. Students may also have access to one of EPCC’s RaspberryPi clusters (known as WeeArchie), used for outreach events.