Introduction to Python programming@Cineca

Cineca - Bologna

Cineca - Bologna

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Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language. Because of its powerful and flexible syntax, Python excels as a platform for scientific computing. Versatility, simplicity of use, high portability and the large number of open source modules and packages make it very popular for scientific use.
This course is designed to provide a solid foundation on the basic elements of the language. For this reason during the course some good programming practices will be pointed out, many of which are useful for any language.
A quick overview of the most important scientific modules is planned.

By the end of the course each student should be able to:

  • understand the key features of Python language
  • write a Python program/module using the basic syntax elements
  • understand the best practices for programming in Python

Target Audience:
Researchers and programmers interested in an introduction to the Python programming language.

Knowledge of the basic fundamentals of programming is useful but not necessary.

The lunch for the two days will be offered to all the participants and some grants are available. The only requirement to be eligible is to be not funded by your institution to attend the course and to work or live in an institute outside the Bologna area. The grant  will be 200 euros for students working and living outside Italy and 100 euros for students working and living in Italy. Some documentation will be required and the grant will be paid only after a certified presence of minimum 80% of the lectures.

Further information about how to request the grant, will be provided at the confirmation of the course: about 3 weeks before the starting date.


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