Advanced Threading and Optimization @ CSC

Training room Debatti 1st floor (CSC - IT Center for Science)

Training room Debatti 1st floor

CSC - IT Center for Science

LIfe Science Center, Keilaranta 14, Espoo, Finland


The course includes topics on code optimization for x86 platforms and efficient code parallelisation using OpenMP threading. Advanced aspects of threading and optimization, such as new features in OpenMP 4.5, will be covered during the course. Some performance aspects of hybrid MPI+OpenMP programs will also be discussed.

Learning outcome

  • Awareness of modern features of x86 CPUs
  • Ability to vectorize computations
  • Ability to use advanced features of OpenMP
  • Ability to increase code performance using threading and x86 optimization


  • Good knowledge of C/C++ or Fortran
  • Good knowledge of threading using OpenMP
  • Basic knowledge of MPI
  • Basic knowledge of modern CPU architectures


Day 1: Wednesday, April 4

  • Course introduction

  • Performance analysis methods and tools

  • Vectorization using SIMD

Day 2: Thursday, April 5

  • More about SIMD vectorization

  • Optimizing memory accesses

Day 3: Friday, April 6

  • Advanced OpenMP features

  • OpenMP performance considerations

  • Hybrid MPI and OpenMP

Lecturers:   Sami Ilvonen (CSC), Mikko Byckling (Intel)

Language:  English

Price:          Free of charge

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