PRACE Autumn School 2018 - HPC for Engineering and Chemistry

Lecture room IV/2 and computing rooms II/5, III/1, N17 (University of Ljubljana)

Lecture room IV/2 and computing rooms II/5, III/1, N17

University of Ljubljana

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Aškerčeva 6 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
Leon Kos (University of Ljubljana)

In today's competitive product development, high performance computing (HPC) delivers outstanding value and investment return. Parallel computing increases understanding, productivity and accuracy of the simulation - a faster turnaround, reduced costs, systematic design variations and more complex models.
The PRACE Autumn School communicates and discusses issues and perspectives of HPC targeting engineering applications arising from evaluation performance and/or design of products, e.g. equipment and processes, with a particular emphasis on the life sciences, chemistry,  aerospace, and energy fields. The PRACE Autumn School places priority on algorithms, simulation strategies, and programming techniques for life sciences, chemistry, finite elements,  complex fluid flow simulations,  which usually have coupled multiphysics requiring intensive use of HPC resources. In case of expertise and software availability, there will be presentations of other issues, e.g. robustness and performance analysis, a brief introduction to pre- and post-processing techniques, e.g. CAD integration, mesh generation and visualization are presented.

The PRACE Autumn School targets at (40-50) industrial users, researchers and students. Case studies and hands-on tutorials will be carried on the ULFME cluster. The tutorials will be held in parallel and in subsequent sessions, depending on the applicants' interest indicated in the registration questionnaire.

The program is free of charge (not including travel and accommodation). For the hands-on sessions, participants are expected to bring their own laptops.

Applications are open to researchers, academics and industrial researchers residing in PRACE member countries, and European Union Member States and Associated Countries. All lectures and training sessions will be in English.

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