Data Management Plan @ MdlS/CINES



950 rue de Saint-Priest 34097 MONTPELLIER

Objective of the session:

In the context of scientific research, Data Management Plans (DMP) are increasingly requested by project funders to describe the data lifecycle of projects from the craddle to the grave. The main difficulty is to fully understand what is exactly required to build such a document. The aim of this training is to assist researchers in putting together their own DMP, first by describing the important concepts to know before starting to draft one, then by having practical work sessions during which their own plan will be drafted with the support of experts.

  • Day 1 : afternoon : Introduction, DMP + FAIR in theory, tools ;
  • Day 2 : morning : Long term preservation (metadata, formats, principles),  DMP hands on ; afternoon : DMP hands on ;
  • Day 3 : morning : EOSC-hub services, CINES visit.

This training is intended for researchers who have a DMP to build as part of their research project. It is recommended that the participants come with an intended use case for which they need to develop a DMP. 

Learning outcomes 
Participants will understand the DMP structure and good practices, and have a first experience from a real use-case.

Marjan Grootveld (DANS), Alexia de Casanove et Olivier Rouchon (CINES)

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