Parallel Programming with MPI and OpenMP @SURFsara

VK1/VK2 (SURFsara)



Science Park 140,1098 XG Amsterdam

This 3-day course is focused on providing an introduction to parallel programming using the most widely used approaches: Message Passing Interface (MPI) and Open Multi-Processing (OpenMP).


As a participant, you have already some familiarity with C or Fortran programming, and the course will take you from the beginners level up to the point of being able to start your own parallel application developments. Each session during the first two and half days includes hands-on exercises to facilitate the understanding of the different constructs.


Do you already have some code that you need to parallelize or would you like to talk to the experts about how to go parallel? Then the last afternoon session you'll be having the support of SURFsara supercomputing advisors to guide you on how to develop your specific parallelization problem. Please bring your own requirements (or even your own code) for discussion and get direct support from the experts!