HPC for Industry 4.0@Cineca

Doria Gran Hotel Milan, Viale Andrea Doria 22, 20124 Milano (Italy)


The aim of the workshop is to present the state-of-the-art of Industry 4.0 technologies in particular, presenting methods and techniques that might be used to transform a manufacturing plant into a plant 4.0. 
The programme will include the relation among High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and visualization: the basic ingredients to create a digital twin of your 4.0 factory. 
Taking into consideration a remote manufacturing plant, a digital twin is a cyber replica of the plant that allows operation technology to be digitalized allowing a large amount of data from the plant’s sensors to be collected. In addition, since the data can be analyzed with HPC, so to simulate and forecast the plant behaviour.  
Furthermore, with AI automatic decisions can be taken to optimize the production and the Industry management can visualize with a convenient dashboard or with virtual reality what is happening in real time in the remote plant.  
The workshop is organised around five sections, each covering one of the themes mentioned, and associated to a question to which the presenters will try to answer. The last day, organised in collaboration with the HPC-Europa3 project (www.hpc-europa.eu), is dedicated to SMEs and to present them the advantages in the use of HPC and related technologies

    May 21st

AI (morning) : What can we do with the Al? 

What can we do with artificial intelligence? What are our limits? Which problems can be tackled with such a technology? This session shows current applications and gives an insight into the future of this rapidly developing field. 

ANSWERS FROM: Axyon, Bioretics, Injenia, Dr. Andrea Borghesi (UniBo), Prof. Fabrizio Riguzzi (UniFE)...

BigData and Analytics (afternoon) : How can I manage and analyze data in a scalable and smart way? 

How can I turn my DB into a scalable DB ready for the new challenges of the I4.0? Are there any methods and best practices to do this? But if I collect a lot of data then I can analyze it? In this section we will highlight new techniques to make DBs scalable and we will illustrate methodologies on how, which and how much data to collect in order to have analyses that produce knowledge in time to make decisions.  

ANSWERS FROM: Datalogic, Engineering, Porini1968, Leithà (Unipol Group), DataRiver, Moxoff, Dr. Alessandro Spelta (UniPV)....

    May 22nd

HPC & Simulation (morning) :  How can I accelerate design and optimize production processes? 

This session will show the latest optimization and parallelization techniques to make applications scalable, both to optimize the software for production and to accelerate the design of new products.  

ANSWERS FROM: Ansys, Chiesi, Dompè, eXactLab, Intel, M3E...

Digital twins (afternoon) : How do I create my company's digital twin? 

What does it mean and how do you digitize an industrial process? What are the benefits of investing in these technologies? In this section we will show what are the new possibilities that the digital transformation opens up to the company but also what are the necessary requirements to do so. We will give space to direct testimonies of companies that have already taken this path. 

ANSWERS FROM: Ansys, ESI, Optimad, RBF Morph, Saipem, M3E, Dr. Andrea Borghesi (UniBO)....

    May 23rd

HPC 4 SME (all day) : Can HPC help my SME grow? 

 What are the opportunities for my SME in using HPC? Is it too big an investment for me? This section will show success stories and opportunities provided by EU programmes for SMEs. Speakers will present how important it is to grow the business to innovate and adopt high technology solutions. 

ANSWERS FROM: BI-REX, E4, MADE, Moxoff, RED Fluid Dynamics, Dr Federico Perini (HPC-EU3), Prof. Lucia Ramundo...

The initiative aims to involve industrial and academic participants to create a collaborative environment where will be possible to share industrial needs and find possible solutions. 

Skills :

By the end of the workshop each participants should be able to know technologies involved in Industry 4.0 and  possible applications.

Target Audience :

Academic and Industrial researcher and technical management

Pre-requisites :

For participation on all three days is not required any technical knowledge. 

Few spots are available on day 2 and 3. If interested write an email at corsi@cineca.it

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