May 13 – 17, 2019
Europe/Warsaw timezone



Name   Family Name Position 
Serge Bogaerts PRACE aisbl, Chair of the OPC
Pascale Bernier-Bruna ETP4HPC
François Bodin EXDCI Scientific Director, Vice-Chair of the OPC
Vangelis Floros DG Connect EC
Renata Giménez BSC (Spain), EXDCI Dissemination Team
Troels Haugbølle NBI (Denmark), Chair of the PRACE User Forum 
Silke Lang PRACE aisbl, PRACE Communications Officer
Núria López Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Chair of the PRACE SSC
Lee Margetts University of Manchester (UK), Chair of the PRACE IAC
Marjolein Oorsprong PRACE aisbl, PRACE Communications Officer
Matej Praprotnik National Institute of Chemistry/University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics and PhysicsVice-Chair of the PRACE SSC
Sinéad Ryan Trinity College Dublin, Member of the PRACE SSC
Veronica Teodor FZ Jülich, PRACE PMO, Vice-Chair of the OPC

PRACE Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)

Name Family Name Position Science Field
Dimitri Komatitsch   Computational Earth Sciences
Laura Grigori   Numerical Mathematics/HPC
Marina Bécoulet   Plasma physicists/Fusion
Frauke Gräter   Biophysics
Heiner Igel   Seismology
Luke Drury   Universe Sciences
Sinéad Ryan   Particle Physics/Mathematics
Claudia Filippi   Electronic structure/Multiscale Modelling
Matej Praprotnik Vice Chair Chemistry/Multiscale Modelling
Ignacio Pagonabarraga   Computational Physics
Núria López Chair Computational Chemistry
Erik Lindahl   Life Sciences
Per Stenström   Computer Science/HPC
Petros Koumoutsakos   Computational Science
Julia Yeomans   Physics: Soft and Biological Matter
Mike Payne   Computational Physics
Aimee Morgans   Mechanical Engineering

Member of the PRACE Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC)

Fist Name Last Name Postition Field
Marc Morere   Aeronautics/Aerospace
Alain Martin   Energy
Martin Winter   Materials/Chemistry
Dieter Jahn Vice-Chair Materials/Chemistr
Tomi Ilijas   Engineering/Manufacturing/SMEs
Enric Gibert   Life Sciences/Pharma
Lee Margetts Chair ISV

Member of the PRACE Board of Directors (BoD)

First Name Last Name Position
Serge Bogaerts Chair of the BoD and Managing Director
Florian Berberich Member of Board of Directors
Maria Grazia Giuffreda Member of Board of Directors
Sinéad Ryan Member of Board of Directors
Oriol Pineda Member of Board of Directors
Stéphane Requena Member of Board of Directors
Debora Testi Member of Board of Directors


Name Family Name Position
Thomas Eikermann Project Coordinator
Florian Berberich Project Manager
Veronica Teodor> Deputy Project Manager
Janina Liebmann Project Assistant

PRACE User Forum 

Name Last Name Position Organisation
Koen Hillewaert   Centre de recherche en Aéronautique (Cenaero)
Troels Haugboelle Chair University of Copenhagen
Marc Baaden   CNRS
Carmen Domene   King's College London
Turlough Downes   Dublin City University
Derek Groen Vice-Chair Brunell University London
Maria-Teresa Parra   University of Valladolid
William Sellers   University of Manchester
Gabriel Staffelbach   Cerfacs
Jorge Vieira   Instituto Superior Técnico
Gustavo Yepes   Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM)