Node-level performance optimization @ CSC

Training room Dogmi, 1st floor (CSC - IT Center for Science)

Training room Dogmi, 1st floor

CSC - IT Center for Science

LIfe Science Center, Keilaranta 14, Espoo, Finland


This course includes topics on code optimization for x86 platforms and efficient code parallelization on node-level using OpenMP threading. Advanced aspects of threading and optimization, such as selected topics of new features in OpenMP 5.0 standard, will be covered during the course.

Learning outcome

  • Awareness of modern features in x86 CPUs
  • Ability to vectorize computations
  • Ability to use advanced features of OpenMP
  •  Ability to increase code performance using threading and x86 optimization


  • Good knowledge of C/C++ or Fortran
  • Good knowledge of threading using OpenMP
  • Basic knowledge of modern CPU architectures

Agenda (preliminary)

Day 1: Wednesday, May 22

  • Course introduction and intro to CSC's new systems
  •  Introduction to the latest Intel(r) Xeon(r) Scalable Processor
  •  Performance analysis methods and tools
  •  Vectorization using SIMD

Day 2: Thursday, May 23

  • OpenMP SIMD vectorization
  • Optimizing memory accesses

Day 3: Friday, May 24

  • Advanced OpenMP features
  • OpenMP performance considerations
  • Future outlook


Sebastian von Alfthan (CSC), Mikko Byckling (Intel), Fredrick Robertsén (CSC)

Language:  English
Price:          Free of charge

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