Advanced Usage on Irene Joliot-curie: parallelism, optimization, IO, tools @ MdlS / TGCC

Paul Gauguin (TGCC Teratec)

Paul Gauguin

TGCC Teratec

CEA / DAM Ile de France, Bruyères-le-Châtel – 91297 Arpajon Cedex – France

The aim of this course is to give users the best practices to improve their use of the newly installed Prace Irene Joliot-Curie system and to give hints to prepare their codes for future architectures.


  • Introduction:CEA/TGCC, Irene Joliot Curie supercomputer [CEA]
  • Technology: architecures, KNL/Skylake, AMD Rome, IB/BXI  [ATOS/Bull]
  • MPI Software: OpenMPI, portals, infiniBand, WI4MPI & nbsp;[EOLEN/AS+]
  • User environment: module, collections, flavor/features,toolchains, Hands'on   [EOLEN/AS+]
  • Vectorisation: openMP4, simd directives, tools, optimisation [EOLEN/AS+]
  • Virtualisation: Pcocc, checkpoint, templates, Hands'on[CEA  / EOLEN ]
  • I/O: Posix, StdC, MPI-io, hdf5, Hands'on   [EOLEN/AS+]


Experience with code developpement, knowledge of C or F90, MPI, OpenMP


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