23-26 March 2020
Porto, Portugal
Europe/Lisbon timezone


Delivering HPC, as part of the continuum, in a sustainable manner

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Douro Norte

Douro Norte


Today, the technological changes in HPC architectures and systems are motivated and driven to a large extent by the changes in HPC usage, from an isolated HPC system towards an integrated systems where the HPC system is just a part of a more complex workflow, containing a diversity of accelerators to cover specific application needs.

If we look 10-15 years ahead, we foresee that the technological challenges that the future generations of HPC systems will have to meet will be driven by a societal shift,where materials are acknowledged to be rare and valuable resources, which have to be used economically. This applies to natural resources (water, copper, silicon, to name just a few), as well as to energy. And this shift also concerns human resources: with ever more complex systems and an ever growing diversity in system components, applications and usages, it will become more and more difficult for a single (legal) entity to offer full solutions to it’s users and customers. Open, shared and sobre solutions will gain in importance. During this workshop we will highlight some of these aspects.

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