23-26 March 2020
Porto, Portugal
Europe/Lisbon timezone


EXDCI-2 Workshop on AI and HPC convergence

24 Mar 2020, 14:30
Douro Sul

Douro Sul


EXDCI-2 Workshop on AI and HPC convergence

  • Mathis Bode (RWTH Aachen University)

EXDCI-2 Workshop on AI and HPC convergence

  • Stephane Requena (GENCI)


Machine/Deep Learning (ML/DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have evolved over the last years as disruptive technologies and are extensively used by several distinct communities to develop scientific and technological approaches, targeting different application domains. Today a trend is emerging toward a convergence between ML/DL, AI and HPC with high benefits expected from this cross-fertilization, in terms of hardware, software and applications.

The aim of the workshop is to provide concrete feedback about how deep AI has permeated into the HPC ecosystem and viceversa.

The workshop will focus on the convergence between HPC and AI, encouraging analysis and discussion in particular, for a deeper understanding of the reasons why HPC and HTC need AI approaches and why AI needs HPC. To give just some examples, HPC & HTC need AI approaches (I) for inferring data flows from large scale scientific instruments, to better manage stream access and support end to end workflows, (II) for hybrid modelling, based on combining deterministic modelling and machine learning components and in general (III) for coupling learnt models and simulation codes toward cognitive simulation, (IV) for in-situ and in-transit) post processing of numerical simulations, to optimise data movement and minimise energy, (V) for better exploiting systems and computing centres, to improve security, have a preventive maintenance, optimise the infrastructure and develop AI driven schedulers. At the same time, AI needs HPC, (I) to scale up the learning phase of NN/DL networks, due to the availability of the huge amount of data, (II) to develop Auto DL/ML networks and in general Auto AI, allowing auto-tuning of the choice of models, (III) to use federated/transfer learning solutions, (IV) to develop new AI methods, such as eXplainable Artificial intelligence (XAI) approaches.

The workshop will involve representatives from FETHPC projects as well as from the Center of Excellence (CoEs) working in the area of AI and HPC convergence. Link to the CoEs will be established via FocusCoE representatives as done in the previous EXDCI2 Workshop on HPDA (2019). Moreover, other initiatives like BDVA and AI4EU will be taken into consideration due to their role in the overall European landscape on the workshop topics.

After the end of the workshop, the organizing committee will evaluate the possibility to prepare a journal contribution titled “A survey about EU key initiatives and efforts on HPC & AI convergence”, based on the gathered workshop feedback and results as well as on the speakers availability to join the editorial team of the manuscript.

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Rosa Badia (BSC)
24/03/2020, 14:30
Bastian Koller (HLRS)
24/03/2020, 14:45
Iakovos Mavroidis (ICS-FORTH)
24/03/2020, 15:00
Francisco Javier Nieto (ATOS)
24/03/2020, 15:15
Bruno Raffin (INRIA)
24/03/2020, 15:30
Maria Girone (CERN)
24/03/2020, 15:45
Dirk Pleiter (FZJ)
24/03/2020, 16:30
Sai Narasimhamurthy (Seagate Technology, LLC)
24/03/2020, 17:15
Tim Lanfear (NVIDIA)
24/03/2020, 17:45
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